Stay secure and in control with Cobalt

Financial institutions are eager to capitalise on the cryptocurrency boom, but the lack of institutional-grade infrastructure limits investment opportunities. The existing settlement process is highly manual, open to significant risks, and not adequate for institutional investors.

Cobalt is one of few firms which provides critical market infrastructure in both digital assets and FX markets. We enable clients to leverage the processes of capital markets for digital asset trading, creating a secure technical infrastructure by maintaining the legal confirmation of each transaction.

Cobalt is regulatory compliant, cyber secure, battle-tested and conforms to tier one firm’s vendor risk requirements.

Our complete digital asset trade lifecycle solution separates counterparty risk from exchanges to independent custodians by sourcing asset profiles from custodians and distributing allocations in real-time to exchanges. Cobalt allows institutional investors to retain independent custody pre-trade while providing a consolidated view of fiat and digital asset positions.

Looking ahead, our workflows will connect fiat and digital asset custodians, allowing DvP Fiat 24×7.

Trade on exchange knowing your assets are safe with your custodian of choice.

Stay secure and in control with Cobalt.